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Welcome to Villa Dinari, an exquisite residence curated by Heather and Abdellatif Benhrima. Nestled within two acres of lush gardens, our Marrakech oasis offers twelve stylish rooms and glamping options. Just a short drive from the city center, it's the perfect retreat after exploring Marrakech. With tailored experiences from romantic suites to group retreats, Villa Dinari ensures an enchanting stay for every guest. Immerse yourself in our gardens, indulge in Moroccan cuisine, and experience the magic of Villa Dinari.


  • Heated swimming pool and pool bar

  • Dedicated retreat space, our Villa Dinari Shala

  • Restaurant and Indoor bar, includes of our Winter bar

  • The Lazy Souk (Gift shop)

  • Mini-spa, hammam, massage and beauty therapy room

  • Tea and coffee making facilities, iPod docks and minibars in all rooms

  • Lush, spacious gardens

  • Dedicated Mini Gym and Yoga Equipment

  • Local regular bus service to the centre of Marrakech every thirty minutes


  • Ping Pong table and other entertainment facilities such as projector and screen. 

  • Hairdryers, bathrobes, room towels and pool towels in every room.

  • Complimentary tea and cake every afternoon.

  • Yoga equipment such as; mats, belts and busters.


  • Airport transfers arranged chauffeur service

  • Excursions, both locally and nationally, with professional guides personally recommended by Abdul - this can be booked with advance notice.

  • Lunch and dinner, both Moroccan and international cuisine

  • Dinari Delicious: Moroccan Cookery Classes

  • Yoga Instructor (on request)

  • If you have a special occasion to celebrate, Why not book the entire Marrakech Villa exclusively? We welcome groups of up to thirty, and you can enjoy family gatherings, ‘girlie’ weekends, golfing breaks, birthday parties – any occasion or celebration where you would like to take time away with your favourite people, we can help make extra special.

  • Entertainment - Upon request we can assist you in booking any number of artists from Belly Dancers to Fire performers, just let us know what your looking for.

  • Permission to Pamper, Hammam and Spa services 
    (arranged by appointment, click here for more information)

An image of the pool at Villa Dinari, with a palm tree standing between four sunbeds.


Relax... and let our team take care of you


The Dinari Spa Experience: Whether it's a cleansing Hammam, relaxing massage, manicure/pedicure or refreshing facial you desire, simply let us know your preference and we'll take care of the rest. We also have Argan Oil products available in our Lazy Souk!
Details of each service below:

An image of a hammam.


Experience the Moroccan tradition of hammam. This ritual commences with a water rinse, followed by the application of savon beldi, a traditional black soap enriched with olive and argan oils, preparing your skin for exfoliation. After a brief relaxation period, indulge in a gentle scrub using an exfoliating glove...

followed by the application of rhassoul, a mineral clay celebrated for its skin-revitalizing properties. Complete with a final rinse, your skin emerges cleansed and rejuvenated, ready to face the day.



Indulge in a rejuvenating facial at Villa Dinari, where our skilled estheticians tailor each treatment to your skin's needs for impeccable results. From deep cleansing to hydrating masks, our facials offer a luxurious escape from daily stresses...

Whether preparing for an event or seeking self-care, our treatments elevate your well-being, leaving you refreshed and renewed. 



At Villa Dinari, indulge in serene massage therapy sessions tailored to elevate your relaxation. Whether opting for an individual or couples' session, skilled therapists ensure a rejuvenating experience. Choose from a range of essential oils, savouring refreshing orange...

to intoxicating amber scents, and customize the pressure level to your liking. Surrender to tranquillity as worries melt away and rejuvenation takes centre stage.



Our manicure and pedicure services are designed to leave you refreshed. While colour options are limited, impeccable results ensure hands and feet feel their best. Technicians shape nails to perfection and expertly groom cuticles. Feet are gently exfoliated, unveiling softness...

Whether preparing for an occasion or indulging in self-care, our services offer an escape from everyday stresses. Elevate your well-being with a soothing session that leaves you renewed.



Explore Villa Dinari cuisine and cooking.



At Villa Dinari, culinary excellence is paramount. Our passion for Moroccan cuisine drives us to craft traditional dishes with a modern twist, tailored exclusively for our guests. As part of our commitment to culinary excellence, we address all dietary considerations, accommodating specific allergens, intolerances, and preferences. We are also known for our love of vegetarian and vegan alternatives, making sure you don't miss out on the great tastes of Morocco. Each dish is meticulously prepared to meet your unique tastes, and upon request, we can provide meals that evoke the comforts of home. Enjoy a dining experience that is both exquisite and personalized to your preferences.

Take a look at our sample menus below:
Offering a preview of the culinary journey that awaits...

Sample Lunch Menu – 150 DHS

  • Marinated Chicken or Turkey Brochettes (Skewers)

  • Mixed Salad

  • Spiced Yoghurt Dip

  • Moroccan Olive or Plain Flatbread

Sample Dinner Menu – 300 DHS

  • Monkfish or Chicken Pastille (Filo Pastry Square Parcel)

  • Chicken Makfoul (Sweet and Savoury Tagine) served with Rice or Couscous

  • Lemon Cream Crunch

  • Tea or Coffee

To further complement your meal, we also hold a hand picked selection of Moroccan wines. ​Just ask!



I have to say, we of course would want you to eat chez nous every evening, but for those of you who simply must go out, these are some of our favourite places. We are always available for a chat, so please feel free to ask us any questions you have about them.

Moroccan Feasts

Al Fassia, Tel: 0 524 43 40 60

Dar Yacout, Tel: 0524 38 29 00

Le Tobsil, Tel: 0 524 44 15 23 

Dar Moha, Tel: 0 524 38 64 00 

Chic Fusion

Le Comptoir Darna, 
Tel: 0 524 43 77 02

Le Fondouk, 

Tel: 0 524 37 81 90

Bo – Zin, Tel: 0 524 38 80 12 

Kozy bar, Tel: 0 524 38 03 24

Jad Mahal, Tel: 0524 43 69 84


Le Chat qui Rit, 
Tel: 0524 43 43 31

Catanzaro, Tel: 0524 43 37 31

Le Bagatelle, Tel: 0524 430274

Niagara, Tel: 0524 44 97 75

In The Souks

Café Arabe


Terrace des Epice

Anywhere on the Djemma el Fna


Unleash Your Inner Chef with Dinari Delicious Cooking Classes



Simple dishes full of flavour for a light meal or snack.

Time: 1.5 hours
Cost: 300 Dhs

Dishes: Two

Moroccan salads, and our

delicious olive flat bread or Moroccan pancakes.

Light lunch included.



Cooking three courses to create a wonderful Moroccan meal for you to enjoy in the evening.

Time: 3 hours
Cost: 550 Dhs


Starter: Moroccan briouates or soup.

Main: Tajine or other main dish.

Dessert: Pastilla with milk and almonds.



At Villa Dinari, our dedication to environmental sustainability is at the core of everything we do, embodied in our comprehensive Green Initiative. We take pride in implementing a wide array of eco-friendly practices aimed at minimizing our carbon footprint and preserving the natural beauty that surrounds us. From harnessing renewable energy sources to incorporating reusable materials in our infrastructure, every aspect of our villa is thoughtfully designed to promote sustainability.

Moreover, our commitment extends to the culinary realm, where we prioritize the use of locally sourced, organic produce in crafting our delectable meals. By supporting local farmers and reducing food miles, we not only ensure the freshest flavors but also contribute to the vitality of our community and ecosystem.

At Villa Dinari, we believe that luxury and sustainability can coexist harmoniously. With every stay, guests can indulge in a lavish experience knowing that their comfort is not at the expense of our planet's well-being. Join us in our journey towards a greener future, where every choice we make reflects our commitment to preserving the environment for generations to come.

The Lazy Souk 1


Souk Delights Await:
Explore The Lazy Souk for the Finest Finds

At times, it's challenging to tear yourself away from the allure of the Villa— the inviting pool and the comfort of the sunbed make it too tempting. However, don't worry, for 'The Lazy Souk' is here to fulfil all your holiday shopping wants and needs.

- Looking for a gift for a loved one? Tick!
- Something stylish to lounge by the pool? Tick!


We have you covered! You need not leave Villa Dinari, and rest assured, we promise not to haggle.

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